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My name is Tyler, I'm from a boring town in Northern Michigan. Single. I like sports, video games, music, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I've been labelled as "weird" or "different" my whole life, and at this point it's a fuckin' compliment so keep it coming. I don't take shit from anybody, but other than that I'm pretty sure I'm a normal human being. Sorta. That's me, if you don't like it tough shit. I always follow back, and I'm always willing to listen and give the best advice I can.


Wanna Play a Game?

I remember all these “straight-edge” people who were bragging about how they never drink or smoke, and they’re better than me because they don’t do that stuff. I don’t smoke anyway, but that’s not the moral of this story. The moral of the story is don’t call me a piece of shit drunk, if you’re gonna turn around 6 months later after you finally changed your cunt plug and ask me if you can come to my next party. My response will be a very emphatic, “No. Fuck you, and everything you stood for you hypocritical douchewaffle.” It’s amazing what people could learn about themselves if they tried things before they put others down for doing them. All done ranting now, have a nice night Tumblr :) Oh, and also, if you’re gonna get your degree in 6 months, you probably shouldn’t be flirting with 14-16 year old girls.

Ok, I give up. When is it my turn to be happy? No matter what I do, who I’m with, where I am, how great life SHOULD be going, these feelings still creep up on me. What the fuck am I doing wrong here? Seriously..



GoodNight… zZzZzZZzZzzZzzzZ

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Anonymous said: What kind of girl physically attracts you?

Generally speaking, a little older (In an attempt to avoid the drama that happens anyway), fit, and a gorgeous smile. Lol physical features are nothing compared to an emotional connection though.

For fuckin’ serious? I’ve been cheated on twice, and both times the girls went after guy that are supposed to be gay. Dafuq? Can anyone explain this one to me?


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I love having my heart toyed with… Said no one ever.

do you ever just realize how bad your voice sounds

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i do this really cute thing where i shut down and hate everybody

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

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what beautiful weather outside im gonna close the curtains

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make shorter posts im too lazy to read

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This needs to be rebloggable …

“don’t be the douchebag who plays acoustic guitar in the lounge” is the code i live by

Yesss lmao I shoulda read this before I started college bruh

Do your fucking homework….I don’t see why you wouldn’t do your homework if you’re paying like 40,000 a year to go to school ugh 

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